Taking your Music to the Next Level

Join us on a journey to discover your ultimate music listening platform - whether on the go, at your desktop, or in your private dedicated music studio. We are testing speakers, headphones, and in-ears, and pairing them in search for the ultimate source and accessories to get the sound just right.


My passion for music and obsession for finding the right equipment naturally led me to reviewing and joining the music community. As my reviews grew, more manufacturers have reached out and my reviews accelerated. To be fair, I don’t do negative reviews and only focus on equipment that wows me, so you will only see positive reviews in my review collection. Not everything wows me, but I only review things that do.

Having created a nice collection of headphones, CIEMs, wires, sources, and accessories, I have the ability to try different pairings and to compare to other similar offerings to isolate differences in performance and signature. Ultimately, I will develop a rating system to share here – but my experience is that there are tiers of performance, but within those tiers, there are just different signatures to fit different use cases and personal preferences. 

Testing Bench

Music: My taste in music is diverse, but I listen to a lot of EDM, easy listening, POP, rock, R&B, and a large number of genres that I cannot name.

Streaming: My test music is either high-res files on my DAPs or streamed from my Amazon Music HD streaming service.

Source Equipment: Buson Fun, Burson Play, Burson Playmate, Burson Conductor 3 Reference, Hugo 2, Havana 2 Tube DAC, Eddie Current ZDs Tube Amp

Headphones: Hifiman HEX, Senheiser HD800/HD700, Audeze LCD2.2

In-Ears: ELYSIUM, Legend X, Fir M5 (incoming), A18 Tzar, Valkyrie, Hidition NT-6 Pro, A12t, Aether, Fearless S12

Cables: PWAudio 1950, Norne Silvergarde, Forza Hybrid HPC

Speaker Gear: Marantz SR7007 (7.1) > Rotel RB-1090 (800W@4ohm) > Magneplanar 1.7 + Subs (M&K MX-100 + B&W ASW610)