Qualifications for becoming a Tour Member

To be eligible for our US tours, members needs to be a US citizen living in the US and be able to provide five types of contact information to verify identity, contact info, and shipping address:

  1. State-Issued Photo ID: We need a picture of your driver’s license or other qualified ID with photo and that reflects your home/shipping address. Alternative address verification options are available if your ID does not match your current address, just ask for or propose an alternative.
  2. Phone Bill: We need to verify your phone number and address with a photo of a current phone bill showing your name, phone number, and address which matches your ID.
  3. Email Address: We will be managing the tours through email which requires an email that you can respond to within 24 hours.
  4. Employment Verification or Equivalent: We need simplified employment verification such as employer name, address, and phone – or an alternative if not employed as a backup to verify identity. This info will remain private and will not be used except for emergencies.
  5. Social Media Profile: We need a link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram profile or equivalent alternative as additional ID verification.

Verification: This information must be emailed to [email protected] and be verified before your name will be added to the participant list. Those with less than two years of Head-Fi membership and under 300 posts may be subject to additional verification. This verification process makes you eligible for all other tours as well as seen in our announcement thread.

Other Options

Substitutions and Exceptions: For US citizens that do not precisely fit these qualifications and would like to propose a substitute or workaround, please contact Mike at [email protected] to discuss your particulars. 

Option of Last Resort: For non-US citizens or those that cannot qualify any other way, we also have the option of using a credit card hold during the duration of your audition.

Sample Membership Form

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