Membership Levels

You can participate at any level that is comfortable for you. Our audio insights are open for visitors to review or follow silently if you don’t wish to participate. If you want to communicate with our members, you are welcome to join the forums as a MEMBER to discuss any topic or comment on any posts. If you want to experience the gear for yourself to join the conversations, please apply to become a TOUR MEMBER. You are also welcome to become a REVIEWER if you wish to contribute your own reviews to our site. For those that are willing to VOLUNTEER their time and participate as a moderator, computer or website expert, organizer, or anything else, there are a number of areas where we can use your assistance to drive this community effort. Finally, if you wish to be a DONOR and contribute to the community financially, donations are greatly appreciated, but I am also happy to continue funding this effort myself if needed. Whatever level you participate in, your presence is appreciated.


Our tour membership is currently only covering the US and now expanding into Canada. However, that leaves a lot of our audiophile community from around the world out of the tours. However, I have found that a majority of those interested in the tours are coming from outside our coverage area looking for insights into their upcoming gear purchases. I feel it is our duty to contribute our findings to those that cannot join our tours to assist them in their purchasing decisions. This is why it is important to keep all our content open to the public so visitors can silently engage in our tours.


For those that which to participate in the forum and communicate with other members, membership is open. Just join the forum with a username and email and you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your membership with a link to set your password. As a member, you can join the conversations within the forums as well as comment in the posts.

Tour Member

Becoming a tour member requires going through a short application process to gather and verify identity, address, and contact information. However, once completed, you are welcome to join any of the existing or upcoming equipment tours as well as to contribute ideas for future tours.


Reviewers enjoy special privileges on this site. They both have access to post their own reviews as well as the front of the line access to tours. Most of our tours are “reviewers first tours” that allow those that agree to post a review to go to the front of the line and sometimes get longer audition periods to thank them for their contributions.


This site is a community effort built from the efforts of volunteers. Our volunteers donate their time, computer skills, moderator temperament, organizational skills, feedback, or anything else they are willing to contribute. There is a place for everyone that wishes to volunteer.


While I am happy to continue supporting the tour efforts and this website financially, any contributions are greatly appreciated. It is my goal to make this as great of a user experience as possible, but I can only go so far on limited funding.