Audition Top-Tier Audio Gear in your own Home

While reviews are wonderful, there is no replacement for hearing it yourself. We all have our own tastes and own different equipment that we are pairing with that produce different results. Now we can hear it for ourselves, paired with our own equipment, in the comfort of our own home, over a seven-day audition.

Share your Experience

Audio is too often a solo experience, but not at AudioTier. Here we can share our auditioning experiences with fellow tour members as well as tour followers that are not lucky enough to be part of the tour. Over the course of the tours, our members have shared their experiences to assist others in getting the best out of their audition, answered questions from tour followers, and shared impressions and reviews when inspired. 

We are given unique opportunities on our tours to hear an entire manufacturers lineup side-by-side that offers insights that others are eager to here and discuss. We each also have a unique stable of gear to compare the tour equipment with that drives compelling discussions. In the end, audio should be about community and providing value for the whole. This is our goal at AudioTiers.

Collaborating on new Tours

Don’t wait for me to come up with new tour ideas, suggest or contribute your own ideas.

  • Suggest: Please make suggestions in our tour suggestion forum for what you would like to see go on tour. We have focused on CIEMs and cables, but we can do sources, DAPs, and headphones just as easy. Let us know what you want to tour. We can prioritize the most popular ideas.
  • Introduce: We all seem to have friends in the industry that can be introduced to establish a tour. Don’t be shy, please reach out with suggestions or feel free to introduce any manufacturer.
  • Vote: Ultimately, I would like to setup a DROP-like member poll system to vote for our favorite ideas and pursue those reaching a minimum vote threshold. 

The Tour Lifecycle

Our tour posts go through a lifecycle that allows you to register at any time in their stage of development. Your popular tour suggestions are turned into “Tour Ideas” posts which evolve over time into tours. The “Tour Ideas allow you to register your interest immediately and campaign with other tour members to support it becoming a tour. Once we reach a threshold of 15 people who join that tour idea, we will contact that manufacturer to come to terms on a tour. That confirmed tour will then be converted into a coming soon tour post retaining your registration. Once the tour kit has been received, the post will convert to a current tour post and a tour announcement will go out to the general tour membership for signups. Once the last of the participants has finished their audition or when the manufacturer requests we close the tour, we will convert the tour post to a closed tour post to continue our conversation and preserve the history.