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US Audio Equipment Tours

At AudioTiers, we don’t want you to just take our word on audio performance, we want to let you hear the equipment for yourself to make up your own mind and to share your experience. This is what make us the ultimate audio community.

The “heads up” tour list below is linked to the tour posts to assist in registering for the tours. It is a heads up display so that you know what is happening and don’t miss any of the tours. Remember, you don’t have to wait for the signup period to sign up for any of these tour now, you are free to sign up even in the idea stage so you don’t miss any of your favorite tours. Once the tour in the idea stage reach the 15 participant threshold, we will reach out to the manufacturer to make the tour happen and it will get confirmed in the Coming Soon section. I should also point out that those who sign up prior to the official signup period get top of the list priority over those that sign up later. Reviewers that agree to a full review, always get access to the front of the line.

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage members to pose tour suggestions in the tour suggestions thread and for members to vote on them by registering in the resulting “Tour Idea” posts so we can reach the 15 participant threshold.

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Current and Upcoming Tours

As a tour member, we typically offer a 7-day audition in the comfort of your own home. We announce new tours to our members as they become available for a logistically friendly shipping organization to minimize shipping cost as well as to speed along delivery. However, as long as the tour is still going, we allow late comers to join at the end of the list on a first come first serve basis to continue the tours. In return, we just ask our members to follow the rules and to offer impressions or optionally full reviews to keep things interesting and to support the community. We also offer reviewers go first preference during initial signups for those that agree to create a full review. Verified members are free to sign up for any of the current tours below. 

Tour Ideas

Our tour members drive our tours. These tour suggestions come from our Tour Suggestions Thread and are an assortment of our member's most popular ideas. Once we get 15 participants registered for these suggested tours, we will contact the manufacturer to negotiate a tour. Therefore, it is up to you to suggest tours that you would like to see as well as to get 15 others to register to make it happen. Please register for you favorite below by requesting participation in the comments section in our typical format as defined in the post.

Completed Tours

The tour may be over, but the insights gained are golden. Feel free to review the impressions and experiences as well to reach out to any of our members to ask questions. We are here to share our experiences.